Archaeological find Oerle

To the south of Oerle, traces of old farms, wells and fences were discovered under a thick layer of land. 32 wells have been found, dating back to the Iron Age, Roman times and the Middle Ages.

The municipality of Veldhoven has invited artists to transform fragments of these wells into a work of art.

The title of this work: Across generations

Material: mouth-blown glass, raku fired ceramics, bronze and wood. Size: 97x27x16cm

The fragment that you see here, from the early Middle Ages, is about a thousand years old. The title of the work, "Across generations", refers to earlier generations. The burning torch symbolizes the transfer to future generations in the new village "Huysackers". 

The object is available and is shown in the museum 'T Slotje in Veldhoven until 30 june , 2019